Saturday, April 20, 2013

Only a Week and a Half left!

Thats right, sadly, I only have another week and a half with the little ones before they're off on their new adventure with their forever homes!

But I am very happy for them because they are such awesome, fun, and loving kittens that I know their families will love them! :)

Tasman wants up -  the patient gentleman
Tasman is a little lover and the quietest of the kittens. He likes to hang out on your shoulder for rides (see pics below) and loves to eat. He also loves the laser pointer as you can see from the vids! :)
He loves his scratching post,  but otherwise prefers humans to interact with him with toys - thats whats really fun to him! So any dangly toy that you can shake and move around he loves. He likes to get pet between his shoulder blades.

Is there anyway to get on the celling? 
Izzy is the "baby" of the group. If you are holding no kittens, or another kitten, he doesn't care - he wants you to hold him! Now! (see vid) He will cry to be picked up and when you do you are rewarded with his loud lovely purrs! :) He loves to climb everything! And got up onto the bunk bed and if you go close to the ground he will climb you too - he is learning though that he is not allowed to climb up pant legs! He is the only one of the three who really does this with any regularity. I just keep him active and play a lot and snuggle him a lot and he doesn't feel the need to get more attention. But if he tries to climb I correct him like a mama cat would and gently but firmly scruff him and give a growl. He now does this very rarely and a small growl is enough to remind him to get off - which if he does he is then rewarded by being picked up! He is super affectionate and is a loud purrer! He likes being pet at the base of his tail and his ears.

Silly Andrey on my lap
Andrey is the lady of the group. She observes from a far sometimes, other times she joins in. She is more dainty than her brothers and prefers being in a lap to being held. She makes very funny faces and I caught some on film (see pic). Her family will have non stop laughter with this silly girl :) She likes to be pet at the base of her tail and ears. She has a very quiet purr, so you often have to touch her sides just to tell, haha! But her voice is a little louder, and when it's dinner time she will let you know! :) Her and Izzy love playing and are going to a home together :)

Now here they are! The recent pics of the "littles" as I call them, hehe!

Meal time!

Tasman enjoying a shoulder ride

Izzy wants up too

Pick me, pick me!

Thank you should a shoulder ride! *kitten kisses*

The kittens like laps

Really like laps, haha

Haha, my fav pic of Andrey! What a hoot!


Can I climb this?


I want my breakfast!

Hi foster mom!


Pick me, Pick me!

Why'd you wake us up?

You got some food?

I see you have food there

Is that my breakfast?

The Littles!

The Littles!

Now the Videos!

Izzy Wants Up!

Never an empty lap around here!

Andrey and Izzy playing

All kittens playing! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Three little Piggies - I mean Kittens!

Thats right, I have new little ones in the house :)

These three are a big jump from the kittens I first fostered! These ones are always playing with me and wanting to be in everything and be everywhere all at once haha!

They sure are fluffy and adorable :)

Izzy is the white and black male, Tasman is the white and orange male, and Andrey is the calico female.

They are all already adopted, and I am just caring for them for two weeks until they are ready to go to their new homes :)

Their mama is still with their previous foster so her milk can dry up and she can get spayed. Their previous foster home did a wonderful job of socializing them and raising some awesome little kittens!

I have only had these kittens here for about 2 days, so I am sure my assessment of them will change as I get to know them even better, but this is what I know about the kitties:

IZZY: Very playful, and loves to climb! If his new home provides him with a tall scratching post he'd be so happy! He is happy to hangout in your arms because he is way up high! He loves to explore and is the first to voice his opinions! He can be quite talkative - but mostly when he wants something! He loves any kind of toy, and likes to carry around his "kill" to show his hunting prowess! (Most of my pictures of him are pretty blurry as he is always on the move! :) I hope to get some better pictures soon!)

ANDREY: Playful like her brother, Izzy, but is more thoughtful and not quite as bold as him - but still very curious. She likes to come up to new people and sit next to them and watch all the goings on. She plays with her siblings a lot and loves the jingly toys. She likes to cuddle, but she seems to prefer a lap to being held in arms.

TASMAN: The least bold of his three siblings, but very affectionate. He likes being held and petted, and was the first of the three to purr for me. He loves string toys, and laser pointers and will play either on his own or with you - but he prefers the later. He often plays with his siblings, and is the first down for a nap! He also loves boxes!

They are going to make their families very happy! Check back for more updates :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sparro Flies Home!

Yup! Sparro has gone to her forever home! :)
And what a lucky kitty! She's going to have an older brother and two wonderful two-leggers to give her lots of love! :)

Can't wait for my next fosters!

I believe I am getting a couple more kitties in the next couple weeks and then it's time for doggies in the summer! :)

Love fostering!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sparro Chirps!

Yup, Sparro Chirps! And mews and purrs! She loves to express herself and loves to talk to you and let you know how much she loves that you're home or petting her etc!

But don't worry! She doesn't talk forever! This is more how she greets you! The rest of the time she is content to purr and head-butt you or take a nap or find a nice toy to carry around and chase :)

Here is a video of how she greets me when I show up! (Note how she is silent before I open the door!)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lovely Sparro!

What can I say about this lovely lady.... wait what CAN'T I say about her?

She is such a great kitty! She has a gorgeous tuxedo colouring, and my favourite part are her "socks"! Hehe, I always say she has ankle socks in the front and knee-highs in the back. Cause her front two paws have a little bit of white while her back legs have more white :)

She is a litte chatterbox, in the best way - I never feel lonely with her around and I always feel so special when she is so happy to see me after work or school that she talks to me for a few minutes and twines around my legs!

And this isn't just because she knows me, she does this with everyone! She was doing this after knowing me for 20 minutes haha!

She uses her litter-box well and eats well and is healthy, and loves her scratching post!

She was originally in a stressful living environment, so then she came to Vokra and then to me for fostering! And honestly, you'd never know she had any stresses before, because she is just such a brave and affectionate kitty!

If I am on the computer, she will either come sit on my lap, or take a nap next to me on the floor or on the bed. At night, when I'm watching TV is what she waits for - she jumps up onto my lap or legs and curls up for a snooze :) She would honestly sleep there for ages if I didn't need to get up from time to time.

She just loves people and I hope we can find a wonderful home for this wonderful girl! If you think you might be the home for her, then please visit her VOKRA page HERE and click on the "apply today" button under ready to adopt!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Astan has a viewing!

That's right! My sweety has a potential adopter! We keep our paws crossed that all goes well at the meet-and-greet and we find a great forever home! :)

Him and I have been hanging out during what might be his last homeless night!

We shall see how it goes! :)

More soon!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello everyone! I have a new foster! His name is...well a bit of a funny story haha! He was originally named Astana, as he was thought to be a girl! Whoops! So it was then changed to Astan, a more masculin name :) And he seems to like it - he even responds to it!

Astan has been here a little over 3 weeks now and my is he ever a super affectionate kitty!
He started out very shy, he would just sit somewhere and not move - you could go up and pet him, but he wouldn't move at all - just look at you scared with his big eyes.

Well I spend some time cuddling him as he wasnt food or toy motivated and last week we made some crazy breakthroughs! He is now such a sweet and friendly kitty!
He is still nervous around strangers, but if I am there to help him and the stranger then Astan realized the stranger gives pets too! He is getting better and better everyday! He is so great! :) It's hard to even say he's a "shy" kitty anymore - since he spends most of his time climbing into my lap while im on the computer or headbutting me for attention ;)

He is definitely ready for his forever home! :)

Here's a quick writeup:

Astan is a handsome grey kitten that is full of love! When he first came to foster he was shy, and would hide. He would allow you to pet him, but did not seek affection. You wouldn’t know that now! Quite quickly he bonded with us and now the minute he sees me he will run right over and head butt me for pats! He even comes to his name! He loves to twine and lean against legs asking for affection! Strangers still make him a bit nervous, and he will shy away from them, but with some time and encouragement he realizes that pets can come from them too! He is very affectionate with people he knows and he will sit forever in your lap if you keep petting him!  Astan enjoys walking around the house giving little talkative mews and seeing what’s going on.  He has gorgeous eyes that seem to always be telling you what he’s thinking! 
Because he can be a bit shy he would like a home without young children, as they can be a bit too noisy for him.  Astan would love a quieter home where he can bond with his people and get lots of love! He is a very affectionate and loving cat and would love to have a home to call his own! 

Pictures to come soon! :) 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bye-Bye Gypsy!

Bye bye goofy girl! We'll miss you!

Though I doubt she'll miss us as she's going to such a great home! :)

Can't wait till I hear how she's doing! :)

And it is possible my next foster kitty is coming tonight! So I'm in the process of stripping everything and cleaning it all to prep for a new kitty!

Have a great life Gyp!

Gypsy has an applicant!

Gypsy had a great viewing today! It is a great home for her and she likes him already! :) She was being a bit of a mischief while he was here, with all the excitement of a new person and laser-pointers etc!
But overall she was a good kitty and is now pooped after playing so much! So she came over and hopped onto my bed and snuggled in for a nap! What a sweetie :)

Hopefully the application goes through today and she can go to her new home! Otherwise she's welcome to stay here as long as she'd like ;)

In the meantime I will just snuggle her as much as I can! :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gypsy is so funny! :)

Gypsy is just a total clown haha! We call her Goof for a reason! :)

I have a funny story to tell...
To start ill say that she loves empty boxes! I don't know what it is but the minute one is put on the floor she jumps into it! That's it. She just jumps into it and sits and peers over the top! Haha! She's like a little gazelle bounding over the edge into the box lol!

So we have two empty boxes we leave on the floor for her - she's chase a toy and then drop it, jump into a box, peer at it over the top, then jump out of the box and pounce on her toy! Haha what a goof hey? Hehe!

I have a video of that I can add later.

But for now here's some more pics of her!
What a sweet kitty!

She is super lovable and a great size!
And what a beauty! She has such a great personality and is just a lovable playful kitty! :) and she loves giving kisses :)