Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another adoption and an update from Antonia!

Yes, Loch and Zazzles have been adopted! They are going home in a couple days, so I'll get at least a little more time with the babies before they go home!

Antonia has loved having the whole run of the house! Now that we can just leave the door open to the guest room (so she has access to the litter box) and she can just hangout in the house she's been extra happy! And let me tell you that's amazing because this is seriously the happiest cat ever! She always has this smile on her face and it's almost like she knows we are helping her find her forever home! She is a cat that is full of love that's for sure!!

When she first came to foster with me it took her no longer than 5 minutes to be totally comfortable in my house and already purring and head-butting my hand! She absolutely loves people and noise and activity don't bother her, so she'd be fine in a home with kids - she's be happy with anyone really! As long as she has hands to pet her she's a happy camper!

She is super pretty - as you can see! Though its hard to take a picture of her because the minute she seems my hands come up with the camera she runs over to head butt my hands and rub against them for pets! Hahaha! She keeps you smiling always that's for sure! :)

If you are interested in Antonia please click on her picture in the side bar and see her Vokra page! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Adoption and Update!

Well as the title suggests there was an adoption! Two days ago, Tigger and Echo went to their new adoptive home! YAY! They're going to love it! Have a great time in your new home guys! I'll miss you!!

Loch, Zazzles, and Antonia are left and they are all so wonderful I know they'll find their homes!

Antonia has got to be the sweetest cat ever! Whenever she meets a stranger she walks over and meows and rolls over for pets and belly rubs! She likes to follow me in the house, but she will also go off and find her own adventures. She is completely house-trained (and trained her kittens too) and has nice house manners. She loves her scratching post! Both for napping and manicures ;) If you are looking for a loving and sweet companion she's your gal! She is so sweet and only 1 year old!!!

Loch and Zazzles took the adoption of their brother in stride and didn't cry much for them at all. They are already being more adventurous around the house and around new people every day! :) They can be a little shy (as many cats with new people) but once they get to know you and warm up, they are both great cuddlers! :) And they are both sooooo soft! :)

I will add some more recent pics soon!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quick update

The kittens are so funny! They finally get a day of sunshine but instead of getting frisky and running around they sleep lol! They all just nap in the patches of sunshine and soak up the warmth!

I have to say kittens sleeping is so cute :P

They sure have grown lots in the almost 4 weeks they've been here!

Mama Antonia is as lovely as always - purring up a storm whenever she she 's near us!
We have her and her kittens spend some time separate each day, so the kittens learn to be without mom, and so mom can have a break from her kittens :p they're always trying to play with her tail or try to entice her to play with them haha

The kittens don't do much wrestling with each other though they do play "whack-a-mole"with each other through holes in the card board boxes I give them to play in!

All if them are wonderful litter box users and like scratching the scratching post! Mama has good indoor manners, and has taught her kittens well!

Also, as many kittens do - they love to chase light :P they saw the reflection of the sun off my phone that hit the floor and moved and they started chasing it! Hehehe so much fun to watch ;)

Here are some quick pics I snapped this morning:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bios & Pics!

The Mom and Kittens are now for adoption and should be up on the Vokra site soon!

In the meantime here are some more pictures and their Bios!

Alert Kittens

Nursing Kittens

Sleeping Kittens

Zazzles and Loch

Loch and Zazzles

Tigger and Echo


Antonia is a BEAUTIFUL, wonderfully social and sweet cat! She loves to talk and cuddle and get petted! She does not seem to care too much about toys, but loves the scratching post, and that is where she is often found napping on – and of course scratching! She is not a fan of being hugged and will squirm, but does not mind to be picked up if you need to move her somewhere. And she LOVES attention and being petted, and of course treats! She will meow at you and purr super loud and rub around your legs and will flop onto her back for a belly rub! She does this with everyone, even new people – she is a very social cat! But she reserves her extra loud purr for her care-takers! Antonia had four kittens: Tigger, Loch, Echo, and Zazzles.


Tigger got his name because is the adventurous one, always the first out the door to explore the house and he is also the most outgoing and social of the four kittens. He is a gorgeous soft darker orange tabby, and we believe he will be medium to long-haired when fully grown. He is not a huge fan of being hugged (much like his mom) but he does like being held “like a baby” and will lie still for belly rubs. He likes to play, but will usually prefer to run around and explore instead! Out of all his siblings he especially loves his brother Echo, and they are often seen playing and sleeping together.


Loch’s name stands for L.O.K. (Little Orange Kitten). He is the sweet, lighter and tinier version of his brother Tigger. He is the shyer kitten of the four, but in the short time he has been in foster care he has improved with leaps and bounds! He will come out more when he gets to know you, and he will fall asleep in your arms when tired. He likes being cuddled, and loves treats. He likes to watch what is going on and is often seen napping from up high, looking down at everything going on. Out of all his siblings he is most attached to his sister Zazzles, as they are almost always cuddled up with each other.


Echo got his name because he is likes to echo his mother! Antonia will meow, and Echo will respond; Antonia will meow again and he’ll call back, and again and again. He is a talkative one, and he has the cutest little kitten mewl! He is a gorgeous cream tabby with super soft fur! He is the second most outgoing of the bunch, just seconds behind Tigger when going exploring in the house. Echo loves to cuddle and will do just about anything for treats! Echo loves all of his siblings, but particularly his brother Tigger. They explore together, and sleep and play together. Echo also spends time with his brother Loch as well.


Zazzles is the only girl of her siblings and she’s a little ball of curiosity! In the beginning, she would sit in front of her brothers when people came in – to protect them. Now that they are used to people coming and going, she no longer guards them and instead spends her time doing acrobatics! She loves climbing to explore up high, where as her brother prefer to explore down low. She loves to play, and loves all the noisy bell-balls, and playing “whack-a-mole” with her brothers! She is a gorgeous grey tabby with markings that make her look like a leopard! She does not mind being cuddled though she can be a little shy and prefers watching and playing at first. She knows when it’s treat-time and will rush out so she’s the first in line! Out of all her siblings she spends the most time with Loch. They will often find a perch to watch the world go by together, and nap all snuggled in!

If you are interested in one or more of the kittens please use the link in the sidebar and send an application in to VOKRA!

Thank you!
Will post more soon!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Name change!

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick update letting you know about a name change!

The names Figaro and Simba are already the names of two other fosters with Vokra right now! So they have asked that I change them - so I did!

Figaro's (the cream male tabby) new name is ---> Echo!

Simba's (the lighter orange tabby male) new name is ---> Loch!

Echo was chosen because he is often meowing in sync with his mom as if having a conversation! She will meow, he will meow, she will meow again and so on!

Loch was chosen because it is actually Lok! As in Little Orange Kitten! Because he is the smaller, slightly lighter orange tabby. And to be honest we couldnt think of a good name, but I was just calling him "Little One" so we decided on Lok! But we didn't like the spelling so much, so we changed it to Loch. And thus Loch was this Little Orange Kitty's new name :)

New pictures soon! :)